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My name is Cara and I'm a photographer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

I graduated from the Savannah College of Art & Design and earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016. When it comes to photography, shooting with people has always been my passion. Whether it's a fashion editorial with a team of creatives, or just a simple portrait shoot, I am in my element. My main goal is to make my clients feel beautiful, confident, and themselves. 

For inquiries and bookings please contact me directly at  caraokelly@gmail.com


Red Nucleus

David's Bridal 

Scilla + Luna 

The Geisha House

Local Peach Shop 

Hungry Tiger Vintage

The Decades 

Rie Victoria Aoki 

Samantha Raquel 

One Potato Two Potato 

Thing's I've Made

Caroline Artime Design 

Roy Carey Ware

Mattison Shirley Textiles

Ollie Mae Art

Features / Publications

2020 - VSCO - Instagram Feature for Mental Health Awareness Month

2020 - David's Bridal - 6 Ways to Incorporate Pizza Into Your Big Day

2016  - Tumblr Radar & Staff Picks

2015  - #Photography Magazine, Issue 11

2015  - Port City Review, Volume 3

2014  - Tumblr Radar & Staff Picks 

Awards / Exhibitions

2019  - Time to Pretend VI, Organized by Phobymo, Philadelphia, PA. USA. 

2016  - SCAD Senior Showcase, Bergen Hall, Savannah, GA. USA.

2016  - SCAD Fibers Open Studio, Pepe Hall, Savannah, GA. USA. 

2016  - Look Here, Welmont Gallery, Savannah, GA. USA. 

2015  - SCAD Open Studio, Lacoste, France. 

2015  - Silver & Ink, Gutstein Gallery, Savannah, GA. USA.

2015  - Port City Review, Alexander Hall Gallery, Savannah, GA. USA.

2014 - SCAD Permanent Collection, Savannah, GA. USA. 

2012 - SCAD Artistic Scholarship. Savannah, GA. USA. 

2012 - Berks Photographic Society Scholarship. Reading, PA. USA. 

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